I am going abroad for one year and I have to quit my apartment. Which store possibilities do I have?

More little valuable items can be stored by Box4all in lockers (from 0,50 € per day).

Furniture,documents, equipments, and so on are -depending on their size, best stored in our boxes.


How do I know the necessary storage space I need?

The guide is quite simple. For a 80 square meters apartment you need a box of 10 square meters, a 40 square meters apartment needs s storage capacity of 5 square meters. Thus, our boxes have a 3 meters height, in that way the direct space is supposing to be larger as the square meters number. Our boxes are available in different sizes, and that´s why we can make flexible offers, please use our roomcalculator.


And what happens if suddenly I need more or less storage capacity?

Then a change between single boxes is no problem.


Which I may store at your camp?

Furniture, items from the archive, (file)folders, toys, clothes, season articles, advertising material, tools, garden furniture, platforms, spare parts, household equipment, equipment for summer- or winter sports (gulfplayers, surfers, divers) and much, much more. Before storing at box4all the customer should register valuable items and declare them at their home insurance.


Which items I may not store at Box4all?

Any living things, weapons, drugs, special or toxic wastes, chemicals or radioactive material, explosives, perishable products.


For which period I must rent at least?

The period of a rental in our camp is at least four weeks . The first storage-term must be completely rented, after that it is possible to rent for shorter periods. Simply talk to us!


How far in advance I can terminate the contract?

The period of notice is 2 weeks before the end of the month. The notice has to be written, or send by email or fascimile.


Which costs result beyond it?

The deposit is a four weeks rent. The stored items you have to insure themselves (most of the time the (home)insurance assumes the risk for storage). In case of theft or fire box4all is not responsible! Single, you have to pay an amount of €12,50 for a padlock, and only you got the key of it .


How can I pay?

The deposit and the first periods rent must be paid cash , immediately at the conclusion of the contract.  The additional four weeks rents will be paid by direct-debit authorisation or by debit procedure.


How is my storage protected?

The storage units are video supervised, furthermore Box4all can only be assessed by a code which is handed over the customer previously. No stranger has access to the camp. Before storage the customer should announce valuable items at Box4all and declare them at their home insurance.


By the way: It strictly is forbidden to smoke in the camp everywhere!


hours of business for tenants

06:00 A.M. - 09.30 PM


Monday till Saterday 


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